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Using CSS on Individual Pages in Squarespace

In making a Squarespace site, you may run into a situation where you want to have a little bit more customization than what Squarespace offers in terms of design. In this case, you can insert custom CSS into your website in order to make changes. However, the information entered in the Custom CSS box loads […]

Adding Custom Fonts In Squarespace 7

Unlike many other website creation tools out there, Squarespace built with design in mind. That being the case, you may want to add some extra flavor to your site by adding custom fonts. If you want to use free Google Fonts or use fonts from your paid Adobe Typekit membership, those features are built straight […]

Creating A Countdown Timer In Squarespace

Often when building a promotional website, you may have a feature or page that you are building up hype for. You want your users to all to come back when the page is launched to drive initial traffic to your new feature. One common way to keep users engaged and assured that real content is […]

Creating collapsible FAQ in Squarespace

While looking at an FAQ page, a user rarely wants to read every single question and answer list. One strategy companies often use creating an FAQ page with collapsible questions. On this page, when a user clicks on a question, the answer expands underneath, allowing the user to focus on only that answer. By default, […]