40+ Best SaaS Websites of 2024 – Squarespace Examples

40+ Best SaaS Websites of 2024 – Squarespace Examples

Squarespace can help SaaS companies create amazing websites. We’ve compiled a list of over 40 awesome examples that will persuade visitors. These websites are all made with Squarespace, which means they look great and work well.

We’ll explore how they impress and convert visitors with design, content, and functionality.

1. Happy Returns

Made With Squarespace

Happy Returns - Homepage Saas Website

If you shop online, you know how hard it can be to return something you don’t like or doesn’t fit. That’s why Happy Returns is here to help. They let you return items from some of the best online brands at local drop-off points. No hassle, no waiting, no shipping fees. They also help online retailers handle returns more efficiently and eco-friendly.

2. Stability AI

Made With Squarespace

Stability - Homepage Saas Website

Online content can be a powerful communication, education, and entertainment tool. But it can also be a source of harm, abuse, and hate. They use artificial intelligence to scan and flag online content that is harmful or inappropriate. They help platforms keep their online communities safe and respectful.

Stackray - Homepage Saas Website

Web development can be a complex and tedious process. You need to write, test, debug, and deploy code. You also need to manage servers, databases, and analytics. They offer a cloud-based platform that makes web development easy and fast. They provide tools for code editing, testing, debugging, and deployment. They also offer features like serverless functions, databases, and analytics.

4. MyPersona

Made With Squarespace

MyPersona - Homepage Saas Website

Health and wellness are important for everyone. But everyone is different. Your health and wellness depend on your DNA, lifestyle, and goals. They offer personalized health and wellness recommendations based on your DNA. They send you a kit to collect your saliva sample and send it to a lab for analysis. They then give you a report that covers various aspects of your health.

PinMeTo - Homepage Saas Website

Online presence is important for businesses. But managing your online presence across multiple platforms can take time and effort. They let you manage your online presence across multiple platforms with ease. They help you create and update your profiles, listings, and reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp.

DataOrb - Homepage Saas Website

Data is everywhere. But making sense of data can be hard. You need to upload, connect, and explore your data from various sources. They offer a cloud-based platform for data analysis and visualization. They let you upload, connect, and explore your data from various sources.

7. Liquidnet

Made With Squarespace

Liquidnet - Homepage Saas Website

Liquidnet is a company that connects asset managers and brokers across 46 markets to trade equities. And fixed-income securities with minimal market impact and low costs. They also offer solutions for investment research, data analytics, and capital markets intelligence. They help institutional investors achieve better portfolio performance and liquidity.

Coursy - Homepage Saas Website

Coursy is an online platform that connects learners and instructors worldwide. Coursy offers a variety of courses in different fields, such as business, technology, arts, languages, and more. Coursy also enables instructors to create and sell courses and earn money from their expertise and passion. It is a community of curious and motivated people who want to grow their skills and knowledge.

Get ResQ - Homepage Saas Website

Get ResQ is a platform that helps restaurants and service providers find each other for on-demand maintenance and repairs. ResQ helps restaurants save time, money, and trouble by giving them access to a network of checked and skilled service providers. From plumbing and electrical to equipment and cleaning.

Alloc8 - Homepage Saas Website

Alloc8 helps startups, and investors find and connect. Alloc8 uses artificial intelligence and data analysis to match startups with the most relevant and interested investors. And to provide them with insights and feedback on their pitch and performance. Alloc8 also helps investors discover and check new and promising startups.

11. Hey Marvelous

Made With Squarespace

Hey Marvelous - Homepage Saas Website

Hey Marvelous helps creators and fans connect and interact through live video. Hey Marvelous allows creators to host live shows, workshops, Q&A sessions, and more. And to monetize their content and audience. Marvelous also allows fans to support their favorite creators, join their communities, and enjoy exclusive and engaging content.

TouchMD - Homepage Saas Website

TouchMD helps doctors and patients communicate better during cosmetic consultations. Doctors can use interactive visuals, videos, and 3D simulations to educate patients about their procedures. Patients can access their personalized information, consent forms, and before-and-after photos from any device.

13. Sugar Work

Made With Squarespace

Sugar Work - Homepage Saas Website

Sugar Work helps freelancers and clients find and work with each other. It offers various freelance services in different categories. And provides smart matching, escrow payments, and dispute resolution features. Sugar Work empowers and supports freelancers and clients in their projects and goals.

14. Try Stratus

Made With Squarespace

Try Stratus - Homepage Saas Website

Try Stratus is a platform that helps e-commerce businesses optimize their website performance and conversions. It uses artificial intelligence and data analysis to monitor and improve e-commerce websites. Stratus provides insights and recommendations on enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. It transforms e-commerce businesses into success stories.

15. Gluco Stabilizer

Made With Squarespace

Gluco Stabilizer - Homepage Saas Website

Glucostabilizer helps people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels and health. It uses a wearable device and a mobile app to monitor, track, and regulate blood glucose levels. Glucostabilizer provides personalized feedback, tips, and reminders on how to eat, exercise, and care for oneself. It empowers people with diabetes in their journey to better health.

MDClone - Homepage Saas Website

MDClone is a helpful platform for healthcare organizations and researchers. It allows them to access and analyze healthcare data while maintaining privacy and security. MDClone uses a special technology called Synthetic Data Engine to create accurate data sets that don’t contain any identifiable information.

17. Crunched

Made With Squarespace

Crunched - Homepage Saas Website

Crunched is a tool that helps sales teams work better. It uses AI and data to help teams discover how to sell more, from finding new customers to keeping them happy. Crunched also makes it easier to do things like email and make proposals.

18. Eventbase

Made With Squarespace

Eventbase - Homepage Saas Website

Eventbase is a platform that makes events more fun and memorable for organizers and attendees. Eventbase offers mobile apps, web apps, virtual platforms, and analytics solutions. Eventbase also lets attendees find, connect, and interact with events and have fun experiences. Eventbase can help make any type of event successful.

Redslim - Homepage Saas Website

Redslim helps people lose weight and naturally improve their health. It provides personalized diet plans, supplements, and online coaching to help people reach their goals. Redslim also lets users track their progress, get support from a community, and stay motivated.

20. Tassomai

Made With Squarespace

Tassomai - Homepage Saas Website

Tassomai is a tool that can help students and teachers improve their learning and teaching outcomes. It uses an algorithm to create adaptive quizzes based on your strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can track their student’s progress and give feedback. Tassomai is a great way to prepare for exams, master a subject, or improve your skills.

21. Matrix Industries

Made With Squarespace

Matrix Industries - Homepage Saas Website

Matrix Industries creates sustainable energy solutions using a special technology called thermoelectric generation. This technology turns heat into electricity, powering devices like smartwatches, sensors, and IoT.

22. Sandbox ERP

Made With Squarespace

Sandbox ERP - Homepage Saas Website

Sandbox ERP is a tool that helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their finances and operations. It offers a cloud-based and modular system that combines accounting, inventory, sales, and more. Sandbox ERP helps businesses automate and streamline their workflows and processes to produce reports and insights.

23. Mindflick

Made With Squarespace

Mindflick - Homepage Saas Website

Mindflick is a company that helps individuals and organizations boost their performance and well-being. They use a mix of psychology, technology, and coaching to give you tools and strategies to improve your thinking, acting, and achieving. They can help you increase your confidence, resilience, and productivity.

24. PowerDetails

Made With Squarespace

PowerDetails - Homepage Saas Website

PowerDetails helps law enforcement agencies and officers handle their off-duty details and assignments. It allows agencies to make, schedule, and assign details to officers and allows officers to see, accept, and finish them. PowerDetails makes off-duty detail management easier and better for agencies and officers.

25. Planning-inc

Made With Squarespace

Planning-inc - Homepage Saas Website

Planning-inc offers various services, including data strategy, engineering, science, and visualization. It can help you collect, analyze, and use data to boost your marketing and customer experience. They also make data-driven solutions like personalization and optimization.

26. Paraplan

Made With Squarespace

Paraplan - Homepage Saas Website

Paraplan is for a paragliding pilot who wants to plan and enjoy their flights better. It uses AI and weather data to suggest places and routes based on what you like and how good you are. It also helps you record and share your flights and get tips from other pilots.

27. Medsense

Made With Squarespace

Medsense - Homepage Saas Website

Medsense is a helpful tool for managing medication and health. It utilizes a smart device and mobile app to provide reminders and guidance for taking medication on schedule. It also helps you track and manage your health conditions, symptoms, and vital signs and talk to your healthcare providers.

28. Theratrak

Made With Squarespace

Theratrak - Homepage Saas Website

Theratrak improves your therapy experience. And results with creating personalized home programs and communicating with your therapist. Clients can access and do their programs and give feedback to their therapists. Theratrak is a great way to make therapy more effective and satisfying.

29. USSI Solutions

Made With Squarespace

USSI Solutions - Homepage Saas Website

USSI Solutions provides a range of security services, including access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire alarms, and emergency communication. They can also help design, install, and maintain security systems and ensure they follow the rules.

30. Parachute Health

Made With Squarespace

Parachute Health - Homepage Saas Website

Parachute Health offers a convenient way for providers to order medical equipment and supplies from trusted vendors and track their deliveries. Patients can get free delivery, installation, and education at home. Parachute Health makes the process easier and can save time, money, and trouble.

31. Work Jointly

Made With Squarespace

Work Jointly - Homepage Saas Website

With  Work Jointly, you can create, manage, and join online workspaces where you can chat, share files, assign tasks, and track progress. Jointly also offers features like video calls, polls, quizzes, and games to keep you connected and interested. It’s a great way to improve your remote work experience and reach your productivity, efficiency, and happiness goals.

Cuseum - Homepage Saas Website

Cuseum offers mobile apps, web apps, digital membership cards, and augmented reality. Cuseum also helps organizations make more money and loyalty with donations, ticketing, e-commerce, and analytics. Cuseum can help you grow your organization with digital technology and reach your goals.

Uniwise - Homepage Saas Website

Uniwise is a company that helps universities and students with digital exams and assessments. They have a tool called WISEflow that lets universities make and manage online exams and assessments and check and evaluate the results. Uniwise makes the academic process easier and better for everyone.

34. Honesti App

Made With Squarespace

Honesti App - Homepage Saas Website

Honesti App can make anonymous surveys, polls, and reviews and see the feedback you get. It also gives you tips and suggestions to help you make your skills, products, and services better based on the feedback you get. It’s a great way to grow and improve with honest feedback.

35. Ticknovate

Made With Squarespace

Ticknovate - Homepage Saas Website

Ticknovate lets you make your online system and connect it to your website and social media. It also helps you with your stock, prices, payments, and reports. Ticknovate makes the ticketing and booking process easier.

36. The Contillery

Made With Squarespace

The Contillery - Homepage Saas Website

The Contillery has different services like content strategy, creation, distribution, and measurement to help businesses reach their marketing goals. It also helps businesses use influencers, social media, and video to improve their messages.

37. Activate Social

Made With Squarespace

Activate Social - Homepage Saas Website

Activate Social can help you find and join causes like climate change, racial justice, mental health, and more. Activate also helps you keep track of your progress, share your achievements, and get recognition and rewards for your work.

Mapidea - Homepage Saas Website

Mapidea can help you use your data and get insights without special knowledge. They also have datasets from around the world to make your analysis better. Many big companies, like Domino’s Pizza and Apogee, trust Mapidea.

39. Get Poly Platform

Made With Squarespace

Get Poly Platform - Homepage Saas Website

Get Poly Platform can help you connect with like-minded individuals who share the same interests as you. It can help you chat, network, and learn from coworkers. You can access Poly Platform from your desktop, tablet, or phone.

40. Project works

Made With Squarespace

Project works - Homepage Saas Website

Project works is a platform that helps you see everything clearly, boost your profits, and grow your business. You can easily manage your time, expenses, resources, and invoices, and connect with other tools you use. Plus, you can get reports and insights to make smart decisions.

41. ResolveBIM

Made With Squarespace

ResolveBIM - Homepage Saas Website

ResolveBIM helps people working on building projects work together using 3D models and cloud technology. They have a platform that lets people make and share designs in real time, and they can see data and analytics to improve things.

The list of the best SaaS websites showcases the power and versatility of Squarespace. As a website-building platform for SaaS companies.

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