8 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

8 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

When it is your passion to write, you start having the ideas of doing a blog to become your strongest portfolio. Blogging could also be a sort of a stress-reliever to people who are into reading books and are into writing.

Nowadays, you won’t have a difficult time in terms of creating a blog. In just a few simple tips, you can have one made under your name. Indeed, blogging could be an incredible marketing tool and can even become a good source of income. However, if you prefer to build a profitable and successful blog, you must set goals and yourself on the right path process.

Here are some of the things that you should consider before you jump into blogging

1. Put serious effort

When it comes to blogging, it will require some time and effort. Before even starting, you have to ask yourself why do you want to do it. Keep your “whys” intact, and be your fuel to become better at what you’re doing. There will be hundreds of ways on how you can make money online, and blogging is one of the hardest ones, so you need to be extra careful.

It may take you some time before you can grow a profitable audience, and there will be lots of disappointments along the way, but keep your hopes up and do your best. Even no one reads your first post, don’t stop and continue what you are doing.

Often, we can go through tough and some awkward moments, but believe me, in the end, it’s going to be worth it.

Be patient enough and don’t expect that you’re going to get results immediately.

2. Invest money in it

Invest money in it

Also, keep in mind that blogging isn’t free. Yes, there will be free blogging platforms that you can start with, like Tumblr, Medium, and Iger. The only problem with these free versions is that you will be given a lack of control and some limitations that you can easily avoid if you were to invest a dime in your blogging passion.

It’s going to take you around $50-$150 a year to maintain a profitable blog. In this way, you will have to opportunity to have a cool domain name, have more flexibility, and have larger storage. It’s going to be more appropriate and makes your blog more trustworthy.

After starting your blog, the next step that you might want to do is do ads so you can get more traffic and engage more people to your blogs. Here are some of the best investments that you can make for your blog.

A. Software
B. Facebook or Instagram ads
C. Hiring excellent writers
D. A/B testing
E. Custom development
F. Design Customization

It’s also crucial for you to decide what you’re going to write about and what you need to focus on the niche that you want to master. Keep in mind that there are lots of blogs that you need to master.

You’ll have to figure out how you can stand out from the crowd. Pick a topic in which you are most passionate about and don’t expand too broadly. As much as possible, be specific on what you want to write about.

3. Define your target audience

Of course, you will need to be clear with your target audience. Who are the people who’re going to read your blog? You must also identify your concerns, interests, and needs.

4. Make sure your content is of quality

When it comes to blogging, you already that content is king. It’s better to have quality articles posted on your website than much poorly-written content. Yes, quantity matters, so you may increase and maintain your traffic. But you should not forge focusing on quality rather than quantity.

If your readers get value from the information they get from your article, then there’s a huge chance that they will become a part of your regular audience. On the other hand, no one will ever leave a like or comment on your blog if they are vague and very uninformative.

5. Get social

Get Social

Keep in mind that when your blog is new, people will not be able to find it on search engines. Some of the quick fixes you can do are to post your great articles on social media networks. In this way, you will be able to get traffic to your website.

Be proactive and be open to doing Facebook and Instagram ads. This is one of the best ways so you can use social media to promote your posts. Yes, it’s okay for you to share one contains more than once, as long as you focus on driving traffic to your website. However, be careful not to sound and be a spammer.

Keep it professionally done and also make it engaging.

6. Learn basic HTML

No, you do not have to learn too much coding, but learn at least basic HTML. It’s going to help you in becoming a professional blogger. Once you get yourself familiarized yourself with these basic HTML, then it will be easier for you to edit the appearance of your articles and can even fix simple errors on the blog, which is amazing.

You may also start learning this stuff free of charge. Platforms like Code School, Khan Academy, and Codecademy are offering free video courses that will allow gaining a basic understanding of HTML.

7. Learn basic SEO

Of course, you can’t forget about learning basic SEO; it will eventually help you to drive traffic to your blog. Yes, SEO could become a complicated thing, but as you go along and try to understand it- you will soon realize that it’s learnable.

I hope you found this article entertaining and helpful enough for you to take the first step of your blogging journey. It’s going to be tough and challenging at first, but it’ll get easier once you gain some experience.

You can research some of the best beginner’s guide in terms of learning SEO. It’s going to help you gain skills in SEO writing and helps in making your content more optimized.

8. Make sure you know about copyright issues

Another thing you should watch out for is a “content thief.” You must know how you can effectively protect your content and to educate yourself about widgets that could protect your content from being plagiarized by other people.

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