30+ Best Voice Actor Websites – Inspiring Examples

30+ Best Voice Actor Websites – Inspiring Examples

Welcome to our showcase of the best voice actor websites of 2022. Selection of over 30 amazing examples demonstrating the voice actor’s skill and flair. These websites are crafted with elegance and sophistication, featuring smooth and user-friendly designs.

A common feature among these websites is the option to download demos. Which lets clients hear each voice actor’s incredible vocal range and adaptability. They can do character voices for video games or tell stories for commercials. These demos show how good they are at their job.

So, let’s take a look at these inspiring voice actor websites!

1. Hunter Guidroz

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Hunter Guidroz - Voice Actor Website

Hunter Guidroz Voice Actor is a renowned voice actor. The website features a modern and sleek design, with a professional logo and high-quality images of Hunter.

One standout feature of the website is the easy navigation, with labeled sections such as FAQ, Studio, Work with Me, and About. The website also provides downloadable demos of Hunter’s vocal work, allowing potential clients to glimpse his talent.

2. Ryan Laughton

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Ryan Laughton - Voice Actor Website

I like Ryan Laughton’s website! The homepage looks great and catches your eye right away. I especially enjoyed watching the demo reels for different voiceover categories. Like video games and animations. It shows how talented Ryan is!

It’s cool that he’s so committed to his craft and important causes. The website also has visual reels with credits that make it look professional. Ryan’s website is a great way to showcase his skills and accomplishments as a voice actor.

3. Matt Fogarty Voiceovers Inc

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Matt Fogarty - Voice Actor Website

Matt Fogarty Voiceovers Inc. has a professional and sleek website design that showcases the voice actor’s expertise. The homepage includes a prominent logo and menu for easy navigation.

You can find everything you need easily, like demos of his work and information on the different voiceover services he offers. There are also testimonials from happy clients who think he’s really talented. Overall, it’s a great website showing off his voice actor skills.

4. Desi Oakley

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Desi Oakley - Voice Actor Website

Desi Oakley’s website is visually appealing, showcasing her talent as a Broadway actress and voiceover artist. The menu is easy to navigate, allowing users to explore different sections of the website effortlessly.

The homepage features an engaging introduction to Desi and her work, with eye-catching images and a personal touch. One thing I really liked about the website is the “everybody has a voice” section, where Desi shows how she helps people find and use their voices.

5. Jake Bazel

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Jake Bazel - Voice Actor Website

Jake Bazel’s website showcases his expertise as a puppeteer, voice actor, writer, and coach in the kids’ media space. The website looks great, with lots of colors and fun pictures that really capture what he does.

The site has different sections that are easy to navigate, like interviews, coaching, demos, auditions, and next steps. There’s also a part that shows off some of Jake’s best work, so you can see his talent.

6. Brandon Hunt

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Brandon Hunt - Voice Actor Website

Brandon Hunt’s voice actor website is a sleek, professional, and easy-to-navigate layout. The homepage features a striking logo and a clear menu, allowing visitors to access different sections of the website quickly.

You can listen to his voice acting demos in different genres like characters, commercials, and video games. You can easily download each demo reel. He has worked with impressive companies like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Walt Disney. Clients have praised his creativity and consistency.

7. Tamara Clark

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Tamara Clark - Voice Actor Website

Tamara Clark has a cool and professional website that shows how good she is at voice acting. The homepage looks great, with a cool banner image and an easy-to-use navigation menu. The Demos and Videos section is one of the best things about the website. This part provides links to Tamara’s demos and samples of her work.

I also like that the website shows Tamara’s professional home studio equipment. It makes her seem legit. Plus, the website has all the information you need to contact Tamara’s representative.

8. Will de Renzy-Martin

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Will de Renzy-Martin - Voice Actor Website

Will de Renzy-Martin is a British Voice Actor who has won awards for his work. His website is a clean and professional representation of his voice acting services. His website is easy to navigate, with sections for demos, testimonials, his story, and contact information.

He has worked with many clients; you can see their logos on his website. There are also testimonials from happy clients showing his talent and reliability. He uses Source Connect and Spotlight, which makes it easy for potential clients to work with him.

9. Jennifer Johnston

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Jennifer Johnston - Voice Actor Website

Jennifer Johnston’s website shows her work as a female English and Scottish voiceover artist. It’s clear that she’s a very talented voiceover artist, and her website is a great way to see all of her work in one place.

The homepage features a photo of Jennifer, along with links to different sections of the website, such as audio, video, blog, about, and contact. You can listen to her voiceover reels in English and Scottish accents and watch videos of her in commercials and presentations.

10. Sarah Naughton

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Sarah Naughton - Voice Actor Website

Sarah Naughton’s website showcases her talents as an actress, writer, and voice talent. The homepage features a clean design with a bold header image that captures attention. The use of personal pronouns in the introduction adds a conversational touch to the website, making it more engaging for visitors.

I love how she includes press quotes to show off her accomplishments. It’s also easy to navigate, with clear sections for her voice over, comedy, and acting work. I especially liked the demo reels for her voice over work and the section dedicated to her comedy performances.

11. Allison Graber

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Allison Graber - Voice Actor Website

Allison Graber’s voice actor website is clean and modern design. The homepage features a large image of Allison and a clear headline that highlights her skills as a voice over artist and storyteller. The website is easy to navigate, with clear menu options that direct users to different pages.

She also provided info on her equipment and file delivery options, which showed she’s a pro. I also appreciated the testimonials from her clients and colleagues, which made me trust her skills even more. Overall, I think her website highlights her talent and expertise in voice acting.


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NEGAORYX - Voice Actor Website

NEGAORYX is the website of Emme Montgomery, a renowned voice actor, streamer, host, and tabletop RPG player. The website has a clean and visually appealing design, with a header image that introduces Emme and her various roles. The navigation menu is well-organized, making it easy to explore different sections of the website.

It looks great, and it’s easy to find stuff. Emme is talented and does a bunch of cool stuff like voice acting, streaming, TTRPGs, and hosting. I like how they have a section that explains each thing she does and gives you a link to learn more. They also keep you updated on what Emme is up to.

13. Lockwood Voices

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Lockwood Voices - Voice Actor Website

The Lockwood Voices website shows Laura’s talent as a voice actor from Portland, Maine. She’s got a lot of skills and can do many different types of voices. The website looks really nice and professional. I especially like the picture of Laura on the homepage. She looks so happy in her blue-striped raincoat!

Laura’s website is easy to use and has links to her bio and contact pages. One of the best parts of the website is the voiceover demo section, where you can hear all the different characters and accents she can do.

14. Chelsea Tobin

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Chelsea Tobin - Voice Actor Website

The website’s homepage has a simple menu that makes it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. The website features a prominent logo, which creates a strong brand identity for Chelsea Tobin.

The samples and demos section offers a diverse range of voice styles, allowing potential clients to get a glimpse of her versatility. Client testimonials strengthen her reputation and highlight her professionalism.

15. Kieran Regan

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Kieran Regan - Voice Actor Website

The website is easy to navigate and showcases Kieran’s skills and experience in the industry. The “Good Morning!” section introduces Kieran in a friendly and engaging manner, making visitors feel welcome.

The website also includes information about Kieran’s equipment and recording capabilities. This adds to his credibility as a voice actor and gives potential clients confidence in his abilities.

16. Ina Marie Smith

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Ina Marie Smith - Voice Actor Website

Ina Marie Smith is a renowned North American actor and voice artist based in the United Kingdom. You can listen to samples of her versatile vocal abilities, ranging from young Sylvia in BBC’s “Inside the Bell Jar”.

Ina has a professional home studio and is committed to producing high-quality work. Ina Marie Smith’s website is a testament to her professionalism, talent, and dedication to the craft of voice acting.

17. Ally Murphy

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Ally Murphy - Voice Actor Website

Ally Murphy’s website is clean and professional, with easy navigation and a clear focus on her voice over services.

The standout feature of her website is the collection of voice over demos. Which allows potential clients to hear her range and versatility. She’s really fast and can even make custom demos for you. She’s a talented British female voice over artist.

18. Denise Hoey

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Denise Hoey - Voice Actor Website

Denise Hoey’s website is really easy to use and looks really nice. You can listen to all of her voiceover demos for commercials, video games, and corporate stuff.

There’s also a part where you can see what other people have said about her work. In the “About” section, Denise talks about her experience in acting on stage and screen. Her website shows off all her voice acting skills and has everything you need to know.

19. Jonna-Lynn Alonso

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Jonna-Lynn Alonso - Voice Actor Website

Jonna-Lynn Alonso’s website is professionally designed and easy to navigate. The homepage features a large, high-quality image of Jonna-Lynn smiling in front of pink flowers. Which immediately catches the visitor’s attention.

You can find demos of her voice acting in different genres like character, commercial, narration, and singing. She also has a page detailing her home studio equipment, showing her dedication to quality. You can see her previous work in the credits section and her background and expertise on the About page.

20. Stephanie Pam Roberts

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Stephanie Pam Roberts - Voice Actor Website

Stephanie Pam Roberts’ website successfully showcases her skills and makes it easy for clients to connect with her. She highlights her expertise as a female voice actor. She provides a variety of demo reels for different genres, such as commercials, explainer videos, animation, and more.

Stephanie’s “About Me” section provides a personal touch, sharing her passion for voiceover. Her home studio specs are also displayed, showcasing her professional equipment and capabilities.

21. Margaret Wakeley

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Margaret Wakeley - Voice Actor Website

Margaret Wakeley’s website highlights Margaret’s skills and expertise as a voice actor. Emphasizing her 30 years of experience in the industry. The standout feature is easy access to her audiobook highlighting her female voice actor expertise samples. Which allows potential clients to listen to her work.

The website also includes a section for recent audiobooks, showcasing her experience and range. Additionally, the website provides information about Margaret’s narration and commercial work.

22. Alicia Ryan

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Alicia Ryan - Voice Actor Website

Alicia Ryan is a Toronto-based actor, singer, and voiceover artist. Her website showcases her diverse talents and professional experience. The homepage features a warm and welcoming introduction, highlighting Alicia’s dedication to storytelling.

The website is easy to navigate, with clear voiceover, acting, and vocals sections. Alicia has her commercial demo on her website, so you can hear what she sounds like.

23. Voiced By Melinda

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Voiced By Melinda - Voice Actor Website

Voiced By Melinda is the website of voice actor Melinda Sewak. The website features a clean and modern design with easy navigation.

The website also includes information about Melinda’s background and experience. As well as a list of her voiceover clients and audiobook titles.

24. Alexa Elmy

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Alexa Elmy - Voice Actor Website

Alexa Elmy’s website is well-organized and highlights her expertise as an NYC based narrator, voice over artist, and actor. The website has sections for gallery, headshot/resumé, film reel, voice over, and audiobook samples.

You can also find a little about her background and training, including where she graduated from and where she trained. The website also includes contact information for potential clients or collaborators.

25. Rachel Farago

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Rachel Farago - Voice Actor Website

Rachel Farago’s sleek and professional website showcases her talents as a voice actor, actor, and musician. The homepage features a stunning image of Rachel.

The navigation menu is easy to navigate, allowing users to explore the website’s different pages seamlessly. The website also includes links to Rachel’s social media profiles, making it easy for visitors to connect with her.

26. Christian Stoner

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Christian Stoner - Voice Actor Website

Christian Stoner is a renowned voice actor that showcases her expertise and services. The homepage features a clear and engaging header image that captures the visitor’s attention. The website menu is easy to navigate, making it simple to access different pages. Christian offers various voiceover services, including commercial, e-learning, audio description, and phone greetings.

The website also includes testimonials from satisfied clients, highlighting Christian’s professionalism and talent. The “Apply to Work Together” section makes it easy for clients to request her services.

27. Kosha Engler

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Kosha Engler - Voice Actor Website

Kosha Engler’s website is well-designed and professional. The homepage features a gallery of images of Kosha. The navigation bar is easy to use, allowing visitors to quickly access different sections of the website.

The “Reel” section showcases clips from various TV shows and movies Kosha has appeared in. The website also highlights her involvement in “Cyberpunk 2077” and “The Suicide of Rachel Foster.”

28. Natalie Winter

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Natalie Winter - Voice Actor Website

Natalie Winter’s website showcases her versatility in delivering grounded and fantastical performances. Her website is clean and easy to navigate, with clear sections for different aspects of her work.

You can hear samples of her voice work in different genres like gaming, corporate, and commercials. Testimonials from satisfied clients further attest to Natalie’s talent and professionalism. Her site gives you a glimpse into her background and love for storytelling.

29. Michael Woodley

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Michael Woodley - Voice Actor Website

Michael Woodley’s website showcases his expertise as a voice actor. The website showcases Woodley’s talent in various genres. Including promo, commercial, animation, video game, and AI.

The inclusion of character voices adds depth to his portfolio. The dubbing reel demonstrates his skills in bringing characters to life through voice acting. The gallery section displays photos that reveal Woodley’s passion and hard work in his craft.

30. Daisy Does Voices

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Daisy Does Voices - Voice Actor Website

Daisy Rose is a voice actor based in Melbourne, Australia. The website features a clean and organized layout, making it easy to navigate.

You can listen to her demos to hear all the different types of voices she can do, and she also tells you about the equipment she uses to record her voice. The website looks nice and is easy to use, so you can learn all about Daisy’s talents and professionalism.

31. Adrian Petriw

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Adrian Petriw - Voice Actor Website

Adrian Petriw’s website showcases his expertise as an actor and voice artist. The homepage features a stunning image of Adrian, immediately capturing visitors’ attention. The navigation menu is clear and organized, making it easy to explore different sections of the website.

The Voiceover section provides a comprehensive list of projects Adrian has worked on. With accompanying logos that add visual interest. The Film and Television section showcases Adrian’s work in the industry, with images from various shows and movies he has appeared in. The Convention Appearances section highlights Adrian’s engagement with fans at events.

32. Nikki Rae Hallow

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Nikki Rae Hallow - Voice Actor Website

Nikki Rae Hallow’s website is sleek and professional. Showcasing her acting, voiceover, and writing expertise. The homepage features a stunning image of Nikki, immediately grabbing the visitor’s attention. The navigation bar is clear and easy to use, allowing visitors to explore different pages of the website seamlessly.

The “About” page tells you about her education and experience. You can get to know her better there. The “Gallery” section has photos and videos of her work, so you can see what she does. She even has Marv n’ Berry, a famous comedy group, on her website, which makes it even better.

33. Robert Markus

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Robert Markus - Voice Actor Website

Robert Markus’s well-designed website showcases his talent and achievements as an actor and singer. The homepage provides a concise summary of his career highlights and current projects. Including press quotes adds credibility and enhances his reputation as a talented performer.

The website has a cool gallery of pictures from his performances that show what he’s like on stage. You can easily find the contact page to get in touch if you want to book him.

34. Will Bowes

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Honesti App - Voice Actor Website

The website has a clean, professional design, easy navigation, and clear sections. The standout feature of this website is the integration of visuals, with high-quality images of Will Bowes throughout. The website shows that Will Bowes is very talented in many areas. You can see his work as a director, actor, and singer/songwriter in different sections.

Each section describes his accomplishments in each field and includes links to his work. The website also includes a section for live booking, where visitors can learn about Will Bowes’ band and book them for events.

35. Alicia Love Read

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Alicia Love Read - Voice Actor Website

Alicia Love Read is a Canadian/American actor and model based in Vancouver. Her website is clean and visually appealing, with a professional design that reflects her expertise.

The standout feature of the website has awesome pictures of her acting and modeling, and her resume is easy to read and lists all the cool stuff she’s done. There are even reviews from people who love her work. Plus, you can find her agent’s contact info on the website.

In conclusion, the Best Voice Actor Websites of 2023 showcase the talent and expertise of voice actors worldwide.

These are easy to use and have great demos. They also tell you what each voice actor can do for you. Some things that make these websites special are nice designs, happy clients, and examples of past work.

Aspiring voice actors can look to these examples for inspiration when creating their online presence.

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